Product Development & Creative Concepts Forum

Product Development & Creative Concepts Forum

Saturday, February 10 | 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Concrete masonry and hardscape producers always enjoy this annual event where they have the opportunity to discover great new products! This forum promotes the development of new and existing concrete masonry products, method of production, innovation in block and brick designs and systems integration within markets through the continuous search for new products and uses for concrete masonry. Come learn about these new technologies!

  • Comfort Block ™ Precision Ground Masonry System – This masonry system is a thin joint masonry system that is glued together with an adhesive rather than mortar. This allows for increased production in the field along with reduced skilled labor. Along with labor savings is the ability to have an insulated wall system, electrical chase, and the elimination of Sheetrock. The purpose of the development of this product line is to reduce the labor and expense of masonry so that it is competitive with other forms of construction.


  • ECOncrete Inc. – ECOncrete® technologies and products mitigate the negative impact of anthropogenic development along urbanized shorelines by enhancing ecosystem services and elevating biodiversity of concrete based urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure. ECOncrete® has developed a series of innovative concrete products that have been designed with science-based technologies for enhancing the biological and ecological value of aquatic (coastal and urban marine infrastructure) and terrestrial (green walls and urban gardens) habitats. The fully structural products comply with all applicable ASTM standards, with the methods of bio-enhancement being easily implemented into the manufacturing procedures for both wet and dry cast units.


  • Innovent Block Company, LTD – The Innovent block is a new, patent-protected concrete louver ventilation block designed in Trinidad and Tobago. It allows for airflow through a wall while inhibiting the passage of precipitation (such as a horizontal or wind driven rain) through its unique and innovative design features. The main advantage of the Innovent block is that it can be manufactured using a fully automated concrete block-making machine providing a consistent uniform product. The Innovent block is also weather inhibiting, preventing the ingress of precipitation such as a horizontal rain while simultaneously providing ventilation while maintaining privacy as there is no direct line of sight.


  • MineralBuilt LLC – The MineralBuilt wall system is a patented, single- face shell concrete masonry wall which meets new energy codes, has the construction scheduling benefits of open-stud construction, provides a continuous water and air barrier, realizes local trade practices and economies by accommodating varied insulation and building services, and is designed to be easily produced by conventional block plants. Because of its reduced material content and nestable shape, 50% more wall area can be produced per machine cycle and mix batch than conventional CMU. By providing a practical, efficient, and manufacturer-friendly system of reinforced load-bearing masonry construction, MineralBuilt offers a better way to achieve the robust durability of non-combustible mineral construction.

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